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Coordinators of KA105 projects

Do your residences offer a good infrastructure to develop youth exchanges and training courses?

Yes, in our residences we have dormitories, dining room, common places, kitchen and working places to offer all the services needed to the groups. We have our own cooks in our residences who will prepare Spanish and local food to the group.

Can you help us with the transfer of the groups to the residences and organizing other cultural activities?

Yes, we manage our own buses to facilitate the transfers of the groups to the residences and to other destinations your projects need to be developed.

Can you help us with the applications and forms of our projects?

Definitely, our project coordinators have a large experience in the development actions under the mobility of youth section of Erasmus plus program, so always that you agree to host your groups in one of our residences, we will be more than happy to help you with the application forms.

Do you have connections with the local community to help us to achieve the aims of our projects and initiatives?

Sure. We have a large number of connections with local businesses in all the fields, so we can help you to set up study visits to different companies, NGOs, … depending on what the needs and project aims are.

Also we have a lot of partners in the services sector in case you search for something special to spend leisure time with the group.

Are you adapted to the financial needs of these kinds of projects (Youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, advanced planning visits)?

Yes, we know the circumstances and different budgets to each action and we will adapt ourselves to each kind of indicative.

Do your residences have common places for the group?

Yes. In our different residences you will find different spaces to use to gather the groups as common living rooms, dining rooms, terraces, … you just need to ask us for more information of the residence you want to use and we will be happy to send you more details.

Do our groups will be supported by project managers and workers of Europroyectos during our stay there?

Absolutely, each of the groups hosted in our residence will count with one responsible person of Europroyectos with the main mission of taking care of the groups. In each residence, we have a group of professionals that will cover all the needs presented by the groups.

Can Europroyectos and the workers of the residences help us with the documentary and dissemination processes?

Our project coordinators have a vast professional experience in management of groups in Eramus + programs, so we can help you in setting up some documentary processes as agreements, assistance’s declarations, travel budget declarations, etc.

As well we will be happy to help you to disseminate the activities and results of the groups we will host in our residences using our communication methods and strategies.

What can we do in an emergency situation?

Europroyectos is always there by your side, no matter the hour or day. We offer 24/7 emergency support.

Are the accommodations including blankets, towels and personal hygiene products?

In all of our accomodation we count with bed clothes for warm and cold periods.
Each participant of the group can rent a towel for 3 euros.
We are not providing personal hygiene products. Groups will have to bring it with them or buy those products when they are in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where the participants will be accomodated?

Europroyectos provide participants with accommodation in our own residences, according to the budget and proximity to the place of activities. We can host people in Granada, Córdoba, Martos (town of Jaen province) and Málaga.

How will the participants move in Spain?

Europroyectos provide transfers or minibus from the bus station, train station, and main airports in Spain. We can pick up the groups also directly from neighbour countries such Portugal and France.

Europroyectos is the only mobility project agency in Spain with official authorization for the transport of passengers by road.

Can the participants receive Training and Language Courses?

Europroyectos can provide training in diverse domains (I.T., Marketing, Education, Sports, Personal development). Our intensive Spanish language course has different levels, from beginner to professional.

Will the participants have a workplace?

We provide participants with various workplaces where they can do their internships. They can also visit other companies in order for them to learn the differences between how their work is done.

We have local partners in a large bunch of fields such as health care, business, management and administration, tourism, gastronomy, hotels, education, social services, technology, marketing, design, agriculture, nursing, etc.

Thanks to our infrastructures and connection with local partners we are able to provide working places of all the fields studied and trained in vocational education.

What will the participants do on the weekends or free time?

Europroyectos provides cultural visits for participants in cities like Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba, Ronda, Gibraltar and many other cultural activities.

Also we promote and coordinate different cultural tours and activities in the hosting places.

Will the participants receive a certificate?

Europroyectos offers certificates in order to prove what the activities were about.

What can we do in an emergency situation?

Europroyectos is always there by your side, no matter the hour or day. We offer 24/7 emergency support.

Can we participate in JOB SHADOWING AND WORK VISITS?

We can organize for you different types of work visits and job shadowing placements.

Do you provide support for fulfilling the European Projects forms?

Support with preparation of applications and forms is a free service offered by Europroyectos to schools and organizations. Our team will be who manages the project in case of approval.

Do you provide food services to the groups you are hosting?

Yes. We have kitchens in all of our residences and we count with our own cooks’ specialists to offer good quality Spanish meals. Also our cooks are able to prepare dishes from different cultures to make groups feel at home.

Hosting and working places are safe in this situation of covid-19?

All of our hosting places and local partners follow strictly all the measures against coronavirus spreading. We are working daily to ensure clean and safe spaces to our students and teachers.

How will the groups move in the hosting cities?

Our project managers will guide the groups when arriving at the hosting places in order to facilitate their mobility inside the cities. Also we will provide local bus cards in case of need.

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