Preventive measures for covid-19

We have implemented more cleaning and disinfection throughout the accommodation.

The capacity of the public areas has been reduced to maintain the recommended social distance of 1.5m

  • It is essential to wear a mask in all our facilities.

We have disinfection points throughout the establishments

  • Our breakfast is à la carte, where our clients ask what they want to and our cooks prepare it and bring it to the table. We avoid the buffet area so the contact among clients.
  • We have intensified the cleaning and disinfection processes in the rooms.
  • People with respiratory symptoms are visited by the doctor in their own room.

Bins are pedal operated to avoid contact as much as possible

  • The counter is cleaned and disinfected frequently, avoiding excessive elements that can be manipulated by customers.
  • We keep the air conditioning at an ambient temperature between 23 – 26ºC, ensuring sufficient air renewal. The air conditioning system is checked weekly and especially the cleaning filter.
  • All dishes, cutlery and glassware are washed and disinfected in the dishwasher, including those that have not been used, but may have been in contact with customers’ hands. Tablecloths and napkins are industrially washed, increasing the frequency of changing tablecloths
  • The lounges and dining rooms are ventilated after each service by opening the windows.
  • After each service, the surfaces, vending machines, doorknobs, buffet counters, etc., and in general, any surface that may have been touched by hands is cleaned and disinfected following the cleaning protocols established for this purpose.

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