Touching letter from Poland

Europroyectos wants to share with you this touching text from one of our last groups. You were such an amazing group and you will be always welcome to this house. It was a pleasure for us to share that experience with you. Thanks!

Foto Noticia 2

Madrid. Adolfo Suárez Airport. Our drivers take out of the trunk of the last suitcase. Erasmuski shed tears. 29 days ago we started our adventure in Spain.

As Erasmus + project participants we were full of doubts and concerns regarding a placement abroad. We were just driving into the unknown, new and different. We did not know what to expect. For many of us it was the first such a long stay away from home, most of the participants flew by plane for the first time, it was their debut outside Polish borders.

During this month we have learned many valuable things. We had the opportunity to experience working in a hotel with a different point of view. We co-lived with a different culture, habits, norms in relations with the customers, etc. We learned about the Spanish tourism market – we met its specificity, expectations and ways of meeting the needs of customers.

After finishing our day job we had the time to soak up the culture, climate, views, language and Spanish way of life. We visited places like Nerja, Salobrena, Malaga… The beauty of these areas is difficult to describe, impossible to show the picture, because it does not reflect the charm even in the slightest. You have to see it live to know what we are talking about. We learned also a lot about our hosting city, Granada. We met a lot of people – different personalities, characters. We also met other participants of the Erasmus projects. This created the conditions for us to share experiences.

This trip has changed our views, our life expectations. The unpredictability, adversity, fear of it all contributed creating the belief that we can achieve all that much. 29 days aroused in us a desire to get to know different cultures, people and places. We came back to Poland feeling richer for adaptation to constantly changing conditions of independence, flexibility, improving foreign language skills, to expand knowledge about the world around us. We would like to pass on to others, maybe next Erasmus + project participants. Do not let this fear to have an impact on your decision; we have proved that it is worth fighting for new experiences. Many of us declare that we would return to Granada, will visit our Project coordinators, stop again and dream for a moment with such extraordinary landscapes that seem to be unrealistic, we will visit the places of our practice to see what has changed. Memories of 29 exceptional days in Granada, in Andalusia, in Spain, in a dreamland, in a fairytale..

On behalf of the participants of the Erasmus project + (Justyna Nazaruk)

Whole original text in Polish here.